deJuristen states that it has taken note of the validity of the legal documents of Clicpublic and has examined its website in connection with the Belgian Privacy Act, the Telecommunications Act, the Data Protections Act, WMPC and the general duties of disclosure. The following documents were revised or drawn up: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement, Cookie Statement and Proclaimer.

Clicpublic was found to be in order with regard to relevant legislation and consequently obtained the legal quality label ‘MyLabel.’

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Data website:  

Business name:  Clicpublic bvba
Street and number : Rue Gaulois 15
Postcode and locality : B- 7822 Ghislenghien (zone 1)
VAT Number : 0501.706.962.

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Quality label

Granted on: 1 July 2013
Valid until: 31 July 2013
Label representation on website? Yes.

Cookiescan: behaal het juridisch label, en geef aan dat je in orde bent met alle juridische voorwaarden rond de nieuwe cookiewetgeving.