It has now been 20 months since the GDPR came into force. It may now be clear that the playtime is over. Let us help you. With 10% discount on a GDPR Audit.

Privacy is hot

Supervisory authorities, such as the Data Protection Authority, are playing an increasingly active role: they are refining the rules and are not afraid to impose heavy fines. But the Federal Service Economy is also playing its part and is closely monitoring digital e-commerce activities.

Classical and new media, often fuelled by increasing privacy activism, are joining the pack and ensuring that this topic appears in the headlines on a daily basis.

It should therefore come as no surprise that people’s privacy awareness is constantly increasing, and that they make their voice heard in the debate, but above all in the interaction with the companies to whom they are customers.

These companies feel the pressure to regulate themselves. What’s more, there is a growing awareness that a proactive and positive data protection policy can be an important argument in their marketing strategy. The necessary evil is therefore becoming a Unique Selling Point (USP).

But where to start as an entrepreneur?

At theJurists we guide your privacy process from A to Z.

A is the GDPR Audit: our privacy specialists go through your organisation with a magnifying glass and draw up a report with their findings and recommendations. So that you know where you stand and can get started.

10% discount on GDPR Audits!

On the occasion of Data Protection Day we give a 10% discount on all GDPR Audits ordered before 11 February with the mention #DataProtectionDay.

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Written by: Kris Seyen, partner deJuristen